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Prof. Rita Tse

Director of School of Public Administration
Macao Polytechnic Institute

Title: Supporting heritage conservation using intelligent machines: Lessons learnt from Biblioteca Joanina de Coimbra —A UNESCO World Heritage.


Rita Tse is a Professor in the Computing Program at the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI).  She received the Math/Computer Science degree from UCLA and the PhD degree from Hull University in 2004. Dr. Tse serves as Director of the MPI School Public Administration, formerly School of Administration and Applied Sciences. Her current research interests include Ubiquitous Computing, Urban Sensing and Social Network-based Sensing.


Easy access to sensors and powerful  micro-controllers enabled the design and deployment of a new generation of Machines that extend the IoT ecosystem beyond today’s cloud-dependent architecture.  Advanced nodes are able to perform both sensing in many dimensions as well as cooperatively run complex machine learning algorithms and interpret multi-dimensional data.  Applications of such technologies include environmental monitoring, safety, security, e-health,  and more recently monitoring and conservation of fragile heritage artifacts and historical buildings providing precious information and data analytics to conservators, restores, and their institutions.  The Macao Polytechnic Institute and a team of international collaborators designed and deployed a multi-level distributed monitoring system for the Biblioteca Joanina de Coimbra aimed at understanding the implication of heavy tourist traffic in the Coimbra Library and support the decision of the Library conservators and the University Leadership.  In this talk I will describe the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learnt in designing and building and deploying a system that is now operating for over one year.

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